Why 5G matters

DITO Business’ unique 5G network and solutions can make enterprises smarter across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, and retail, and help propel SMEs to greater success.

Going forward, 5G could unlock the full potential of your enterprise; It can modernize the supply chain, connect stores and branches seamlessly, transform your spot into a digital hub, provide unbreakable cybersecurity, and many more. And with our 5G technology, you can enjoy more benefits and add-ons to your network. Since only DITO Business has pure 5G Standalone in the country, only DITO Business can do that for you.

5G with a purpose

It’s our commitment to further strengthen and connect enterprises in the country. We vow to build the Philippine’s digital economy, business by business.


About 5G

5G is fifth generation, advanced cellular technology. It is faster, more reliable, more secure, and simply more powerful than 4G/LTE. DITO Business 5G unlocks Internet of Things (IoT), that makes us most capable to fuel enterprise innovation.

DITO Business is the only telecom provider in the Philippines with nationwide 5G Standalone network. With end-to-end 5G network architecture, 5G Standalone unlocks full 5G capabilities for your business. In contrast, 5G Non-Standalone network integrates a 5G Radio Access Network with an existing 4G core, meaning it offers some 5G benefits, but not its full capability.

5G drives digital transformation to great potential through faster speeds, low latency, increased device connectivity, and enabling technologies like IoT, edge computing, and other innovative services affecting all industries.


5G ensures voice, data, and text messages are secure by utilizing robust encryption algorithms. 5G gives access authentication, subscriber privacy, and has service-based architecture, integrity protection, and more secure features.

Security challenges arise as IoT evolves, with more devices connecting. DITO Business leverages 5G’s inherent security features, with a comprehensive approach to IoT device security. Stringent standards and platform requirements are enforced on manufacturers, with regular compliance audits by accredited third parties. DITO Business collaborates with business clients to implement best practices, and provides fleet management to deploy enhancements to multiple devices at once.

Operational Efficiency

Today and the future’s industries rely on the integration of computers and network connectivity in manufacturing. Focusing on digital manufacturing, it transforms how businesses produce and distribute products. Here, 5G plays a crucial role, offering reduced latency, faster speeds, and increased capacity for smart factories’ autonomous systems.

Combining 5G with edge computing, AI, and IoT enhances business agility and efficiency. This synergy allows for predictive maintenance, reducing production downtime, and optimizing operations through sensor data analysis on factory floors. With its higher speed and lower latency, 5G enables faster responses and streamlined business processes.

5G, combined with edge computing, enables advanced automation by bringing processing power closer to data sources. This local data processing ensures low-latency connectivity and sufficient bandwidth for the operation of production lines and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

5G networks handle exabytes of data from mobile devices, sensors, IoT, automated factories, edge computing, and autonomous vehicles. Organizations analyze this data, extracting valuable insights for efficiencies and improving processes.

5G aids businesses in optimizing supply chains with real-time data. Using sensors, IoT platforms, and track-and-trace technologies enhances visibility from raw materials to finished products. These data offer insights into profiling suppliers and analyzing the distribution network. The low latency and speed of 5G enable businesses to track items in transit, to monitor location, temperature, and more essential information.

5G unlocks immersive and transformative learning experiences and training methods, supporting extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality. These innovative technologies ease the way companies on-boards and trains their employees, cutting costs, and minimizing attrition and errors. It gives employees an automated, hands-on experience without the hassle.

Common Industry Uses of 5G

5G boosts retail performance and experience. It offers a business a competitive edge in tight industries with narrow margins for error and inefficiency. For example, it enables unified commerce for a seamless shopping experience across sales channels, improves inventory management, and facilitates in-store traffic analyses.

Healthcare is being transformed by IoT through several ways, consisting of connected monitoring devices and more. With 5G, these devices and innovations have the potential to revolutionize healthcare. For example, there are smart beds monitoring vital signs, and applications that records patient data in an instant, all contributing to the analysis of medical trends in a community. In short, 5G saves lives, empowering health workers more.

Whether in online gaming or live events, 5G ensures an enhanced experience. For example, the speed and capacity of 5G gives audiences instant sport stats, replays, and accurate predictions. Cinemas, concerts, and other entertainment venues can immerse audiences more with XR, VR headsets, and AR—all empowered by 5G. 5G also enables a smoother customer experience before, during, and after the show, from the front-of-house to the back.

With extensive reach, DITO Business empowers more Filipinos with reliable 5G, even in rural areas where no telecommunications provider has reached before. Its standalone 5G gives these peripheral areas the opportunity to empower their businesses and customers greater. DITO Business globalizes more businesses—from Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) to big corporations—to connect and join a Telecommunity, which empowers the entire national economy, one business at a time. In other words, 5G connects all businesses (and their offices) together more efficiently and securely, and reduces (even eliminates) distances, fostering innovation and much more.

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